I'm a self-taught programmer with a degree in film production. I used to live in Boise, Idaho, and Kansas City, Missouri before that, but now I live in New York City because it's crowded, expensive, and impractical.

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I work at Stack Overflow

You know, the site where you get all your programming questions answered (stackoverflow.com). I'm a developer and team-lead on our Ad Server team.

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I love open source

Check out my GitHub Profile to see what I've been working on lately. Major projects include:

  • NFig A distributed settings library for .NET applications. NFig allows for data center and tier-specific defaults and overrides. Settings can be updated across multiple servers in real time.
  • Schyntax A domain specific language for defining scheduled tasks in a terse, yet readable, way. Implementations in C# and JavaScript.
  • BosunReporter A .NET library for sending metrics to Bosun, a time series alerting framework.

Except where stated otherwise, all code on this blog is MIT licensed.

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I'm a pilot

I've been a private pilot since December 2012, and, like all pilots, I love talking about and flying airplanes. I spend a fair amount of time on Stack Exchange Aviation where I'm a moderator, and often in chat.

I did my primary training in a Cirrus SR20 at KBOI in Boise, Idaho, but now I live in New York, NY and fly out of KFRG on Long Island.

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I play songs

I keep guitars in my office, and other music-inclined Stackers (yeah, that's what we call people who work at Stack Overflow) come by and play occasionally. One time I recorded some videos of me playing in my office and put them on YouTube. Perhaps I'll do more of that in the future.

Biggest thing I miss about living in New York is having a piano in my house, and being able to scream out songs at three in the morning.

I also have a non-technical blog where I write about elevators and visiting Russia.